Beginner’s Basic Blog

April 10, 2017

After reading the book, “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl”, I was challenged to begin blogging my daily thoughts/devotions/prayers.

Yesterday was my 51st birthday.  This is significant because when my Dad died he was 50.  I can’t believe I am now officially older than he was when he passed.  I miss him all the time and wonder how he would do as a “Poppy”.  He never knew his 3 grandchildren and that’s always been hard for me to swallow.  But God is good and I don’t question His timing..  but sometimes it’s just hard.

Chris and I have 3 kids who are the joy of our life.   Rebekah (Becky) works at Target and we are so proud of her heart for serving the Lord.  I know He has great things planned for her and sometimes I struggle with the patience I need while waiting on His timing.  My mother’s heart for her is to see her married with kids and serving the Lord in a local church.  Her “career” to her will always be secondary to her service to the Lord.  She is impacting and influencing teen girls every week and it’s a joy to my heart to watch.  I think I’ve picked out a perfect man for her but we shall see about that as their friendship grows. 😉

Jennifer(Jenny) is finishing up her second year at Nyack and will graduate (Lord willing) next year with a degree in Criminal Justice.  She has a passion for prosecuting human traffickers and wants to pursue law school after this.  She amazes me daily with how well she is doing in school and her passion and work ethic bless me to the core.  My mother’s heart for her is that she will follow her passion and God will provide all that she needs to accomplish the career goals she has.  I pray that she does find a good man and I know she wants children too.  Sometimes I wonder how she will fit all of that in but if anyone can manage that, it’s Jenny.

Our “baby” is Christopher (Chris).  He is finishing up his senior year of high school and will be starting online college at WGU in the fall.  He is a great kid/man.  I’m very proud of his independence and his honesty.  He’s incredibly smart but he hates school and always has.  My mother’s heart for him is that we will realize his calling and full potential.  I pray that he will find a good woman and raise a family with her.  He will make a great husband/father and I am excited for him as he begins his journey as an adult.

I can’t believe we are almost done with our homeschooling years.  To be honest…I’m thrilled we are done.  It’s been the best thing for our family but also so hard.  It puts a lot of stress on me to make sure we get it done correctly.  There is SO much I would do differently about the “how” we did school but I wouldn’t change the fact that we did for anything.  I do not think it’s the best option for school but for us, it worked and it was good.

We recently moved to Trumbull where I was blessed with the job as Facilities Director for Calvary Church.  We live on property and love it.  I honestly can’t believe how blessed I am to work where I do with the people there.

And my honey—-the honest love of my life.  He is my best friend, caretaker and partner.  He makes me laugh every day.  He is having surgery on Wednesday to remove a tumor in his foot.  It seems like it will be “no big deal” but he will have a long road to recovery.

I will use this blog to post my devotions and also to journal our life.  I’m not usually consistent with things like this but I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.