Prayer Day

Lord, today as I read through my usual routine, I didn’t have anything in particular jump out at me,  I know that this is OK and happens.  I thought about continuing on but then decided to take the time to pray and ask you for some things for some people I love:

Starr-  Lord, she is really struggling with the loss of Paul.  Please help her to find Peace in you each day..each moment.  Protect her, provide for her in ways that draw her closer to You.  Help me to be aware of what I can do for her to encourage her.

Sandy-Struggles so much.  Help her Lord with Your Wisdom to know what to do about her job situation.  It’s a mess.  Give her contentment and joy and peace.

Family members who are not yet saved.  Lord, please open their eyes to first see their own need for you.  Some don’t even believe you exist or at least act like that.  Please do whatever it takes to bring them to the knowledge of your Reality and your Truth.  Bud, Joan, Bob, Sheri, Ingrid, Vivien, Bob M.  I’m not sure where Nancy and Kevin stand. Make it clear to them what they need to draw close to You.

Encourage and bless my mom and Sharon.  Thank you for the moms you have given us.

Lisa- Her search is exciting.  Help her to formulate the questions she has and help me to have your answers for her.  I pray that she will come to church this Sunday and to lunch after.  Work in her health, circumstances, etc to bring her.

Use me today, Lord–to be a blessing and an encouragement.

Show me You today.  Help me to seek you and see you.

I love you


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