Good Friday

Good Friday picWords like “Hope” and “Peace” are used at Christmas but without the Resurrection they would have no meaning.  Hallelujah.  But first I stop to consider the Cross and all that took place that day so long ago on a mount called Golgatha.

I decided to read about Good Friday in all the Gospels this morning.  I started in Matthew.  I can’t get over the mocking and beatings and how He willingly gave His life.  In the midst of all the chaos, at any moment, He could have said, “Enough!” and proved to those who were there who He was once and for all.  But then the purpose for the entire day would be lost in a moment.  Would have been a “cool miracle” for those there but that would have been it.  Thank you Jesus for your Willing Necessary Sacrifice.  And thank you for the Promise that brings.  I also was stuck in Matthew on the bodies being resurrected.  I’m not sure exactly what all that means and will have to look into that more.

In Mark I pause to think about how when Jesus was accused by Pilate about being the King of the Jews, he answered that he was.  But when accused by the crowd of many other things he answered nothing.  Because none of it was true.  Again.. The willingness to silently stand  there and be accused.  Wow.  I love that.  I’m also struck by the people so blessed to “help” him.  Joseph of Arimathea, Simon of Cyrene (even if he wasn’t a believer he was chosen to help carry the Cross).  The contrast between that and the crowds yelling for him to be crucified.  When Pilate asked what evil Jesus had done all they yelled was crucify him.  There minds were made up.  And yet….He loved, was silent, and submitted for me (us, yes..but I’ve been thinking about how personal He is lately so I’m choosing to focus on that).

Luke has so many things I could park on.  Sadly, time is not allowing that today.  I type these notes to help me remember what I read.  I’m still amazed that he only answered the questions having to do with being the Son of God.  I also am struck by Joseph again.  Luke states that he was a “good and righteous man who had not consented…”  That character is a huge contrast to the crowds yelling crucify Him.  Of course I want to be like that..or like Simon even but I know that I probably wouldn’t have.  I would have been in the crowd because I am such a people pleaser.  I wish I wasn’t and I’m asking God to help me in that area.

Off to work…I’ll have to read John later.

I love Good Friday at Calvary.


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