Easter Weekend and Monday Morning

Had a great Easter weekend.  It was probably one of my favorites ever as far as Easter goes.  When the kids were younger it was fun to see them look for eggs and spend time with family but as they have gotten older it’s been different every year.  I missed having Jenny home this year but she said she was having a relaxing day with friends at school.

From Thursday night’s Maundy Thursday service through Good Friday and then Easter, church was fantastic!  For Easter we chose to stay home and invited Charles for dinner.  Grandma and Grandpa came over too and so did Nancy.  We played games on the porch with Charles and it was fun.  Chris was “off” yesterday (Easter).  He’s upset about bills and money and just tired of our constant money struggles.  I hate that it was hard yesterday for him.  He just seemed edgy all day and I was sad for him.  I know he misses our home in Ansonia.  I know he moved here for me and my job.  He rushes home after every service embarrassed that we live on property.  He tries to hide it…but I know it’s there.  I feel so torn and sad about that.  I’m so happy here and absolutely love my job.  I know this is for a season and not our end destination.   I’m just praying he can find joy here.  He says he’s happy and I  know for the most part, he is.  But seeing him miss the other house makes me feel terrible.
It’s becoming easier and easier to picture Charles as part of our family and I’m praying that God will bring he and Becky together at His perfect time.  And patience for me as I wait.  They really are perfect for each other.

Christopher is powering through with some nasty poison ivy but I think he had a good day as well.  He’s a funny kid and I’m grateful for who he is.

Peter gave Calvary staff the day off today.  I’m looking forward to relaxing and getting some things done around here.  Including grocery shopping. Weather is perfect.

I finished my Lysa T book.  It was good.  I also read John 2.   In Lysa’s book my favorite line today was on page 209 at the bottom where it talks about Prov. 29:18 and the difference between vision and revelation.  “Vision is something people produce; revelation is something people receive.  Leaders can dream up a vision, but they cannot discover God’s will.  God must reveal it.”  I like that.

God reveal Yourself to me in new ways every day.  Show me Your will.  Let me not be caught up in my own “visions” of what I think should be.

In John, I was struck by how the disciples saw Jesus do things, heard him speak and God used those things to remind them of who Jesus was and what He said when he died and was resurrected.  In their time of need…he reminded them of Scripture.

God, may your word fill my every need as I know it has the power to do.  Bring it to my mind at exactly the moment I need it.  Help me to be a good student of Your Word so that Your Spirit can bring it to my heart and mind at the perfect time.

I also loved the end of John 2 talking about how no one needed to explain what was in man’s heart to Jesus..  He already knows.  Yikes and Yay at the same time.  Scary to think how well he knows me and a blessing to know he loves me anyway.

Lord, I know I can’t hide anything from You.  And I’m grateful that you love me in spite of the junk in me.  Forgive me, Lord.  Cleanse me.  Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me.  Be blessed and pleased by me today.


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