John 3: My Favorite Chapter

John chapter 3 will always have significance for me.

I can remember childhood days of sitting in my top bunk with my Bible, which was like a foreign language to me, trying to read it.  None of it made any sense but I had deep desire (which I now recognize as the Holy Spirit’s prompting) to read it and understand it.  As time when on, the old Bible became less and less important because it didn’t make sense and life got busy.

Fast forward to young adult years when going through some struggles and being sure I was destined for hell because of some bad choices I began to search again by reading The Word.  I distinctly remember reading in John 3:3 and hearing the phrase, “born again” for the first time.  My heart stirred within me.  “What does that even mean?” became a heart felt cry.  I asked people..  I got no answers other than, “You’re a good girl.  You’ll be fine!”  I was so frustrated because the only thing I knew for sure was that I was NOT a “good girl”.  I remember thinking, “I don’t know what born-again means, but if that’s what I need to ‘see the kingdom of God’ I better find out and take care of that.  If I don’t know what it even means, it must not be something I am.”  It had to be a personal decision that I had not yet made.

Fast forward to a few years later when attending a Baptist church on our street, things began to make sense.  I went forward during an invitation and yielded my life to Him that day.  There are so many more details about that whole experience but that’s for another time.

Today, I sit in gratitude that John chapter 3 is in the Bible and loved reading it again today.  I can’t wait to meet Nicodemus and thank him that even though it was in the dark of night in secret that he asked questions I needed answers to.

I am currently reading “The Purpose Driven Life” and today’s reading was about restoring relationships.  I don’t know of any that I need restoration at this point but I’m sure that will come.  Thinking of a friend who really needs reconciliation in her family.  Praying for her.  Since she is the one who gave me this book, I want to talk to her about chapter 20 today.  Just to remind her that God has a plan and great way to make sure we have done all we can in the process of restoring relationships.

Thank you, Lord, for today.  Thank you, Lord, for Your Word.


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