Church Unity and John 3

I love my church.  We’ve come through a few churches and while none have been perfect, each one has been perfect for us for that season of our lives.

Reading TPDL and chapter 21 is talking about church unity.  Several great points.  I’m keeping this book as it’s a great resource for many different issues.  My main point today for myself is summed up in this sentence, “Let’s agree to use all our energy in getting along with each other.  Help others with encouraging words; don’t drag them down by finding fault.”  Because I’m so bad at confrontation, I don’t usually tear people down to their face.  I’m better at the encouraging words part of that.  But, that being said, there are times when someone’s personality or convictions get on my nerves and if I sense that I can “vent” or share my frustrations with someone who has the same opinion I run off at the mouth.  This is SIN!

Lord, forgive me and help me to be mindful of the words I say.  If you want me to correct someone because of something YOU want corrected, help me be bold.  Thank you for the many different personalities you have brought into my life and grant me patience to love them even if their personality is not something that I am drawn to.

“Coincidentally” as I finished that and opened the Bible I am reading John 3 beginning in chapter 16 which sums up the reason for my above prayer.  Because God so loved THE WORLD (not just those I find easy to get along with)….  It is because of Christ that I am part of the family of God.   But by the grace of God I would be a lost sinner bound for hell.  Who am to judge another?

Lord, thank you that it is You who “chose to give us different personalities, backgrounds, races and preferences, so we should value and enjoy those differences, not merely tolerate them.”  Lord give me patience with those who differ from me.  I am not one to judge based on any outward appearance usually but I know that there are those who “get on my nerves and I am quick to criticize just because they were created with different personalities than I.  I recognize that there are some that will never be “my favorites” but I need to let that go and love them because they are your children.  I’m feeling very humbled right now.  Seriously…who am I?  Lord, forgive me and help me to grow.


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