Baby Noah

Lord, please protect baby Noah.  Yesterday was scary.  Trusting You for some answers today for this sweet family.  Or better yet, news that this was just some fluke and will never be a problem again.  I know you have a Plan for this baby.  Please give Aaron and Lauren peace today as they walk this road and look for answers.  Even as I began my time this morning got word that he had a rough night.  I can’t focus on much right now.  This is hard.

TPDL thoughts:

I underlined so much in today’s chapter.  It is talking about God transforming weakness in us by His Strength.   Trusting You to turn this worrier into a warrior

Yesterday was rushed and I wasn’t able to really read John 4 where I had left off.  I read it today and it’s not coincidence that it is regarding the healing of the official’s son.  By the words of our Lord Jesus, the son was healed.  I’m praying this is the story for Aaron’s son, Noah today.  Lord,please,  heal this little boy.  Help him to breath.  We believe Your Word that You are able to do this.  Use this to bring glory to Your Name.


I’ve had notifications of some who have “liked” these posts.   I’m glad for that but need to clarify that these are just my own random thoughts during my devotional quiet time with the Lord.  I use this blog as just a place to focus my thoughts and tag things so that I might be able to find them later.  I do not proof read or correct grammar as I go.  It’s just rough draft thoughts.  I’m glad if it blesses someone.  


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