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No Title-Random Thoughts

Spent  a good part of the night awake worried about bills.  I messed up somewhere…again…and I’m not sure if we will make it to the next paycheck.  Trusting God to provide what we need and wisdom to make good choices to stretch things.  Would really love this paycheck to paycheck thing to be done.  It’s been 27 years of it.  We aren’t good at money management and have had some major setbacks.  I’m tired..

Reading on the IDisciple app today and two of them were about anxiety.  It frustrated me though because it was very basic stuff I already know.  Am I doing it though?  No, probably not.  Lord, help me.  I’m going to re-read them now.  I need Your Peace.

The Bible says to present our requests to God WITH THANKSGIVING.  I do miss that part.  So Lord, thank You today for your MANY blessings.  My family, my church, my job, our home, food you give every day, our cars, the fact that every month you DO make things work and we’ve never gone without any need.  I am truly sorry for my materialistic living and the foolish money choices I make.  Please help me to grow in this area and have self-control.  Thank You most of all for Jesus.  For the greatest need I have is to be forgiven and saved and you took care of that.  And that was hard!  These easy things I worry about so much are nothing for you.  Please continue to provide for us and help us be good stewards so that we aren’t living paycheck to paycheck every single month.  I know it is not because you haven’t provided…it’s because I have no self control with spending on food.  Help me make better choices.

Devotion notes:

John 4:27- the woman at the well didn’t have all the answers but she just said what she did know and people responded.

John 4:31- Jesus concerned Himself with doing the will of God, NOT what he would eat next.  Prioritize.

TPDL- I love where I serve.  Lately, my heart has been stirred to possibly lead a ladies group.  I would want it to be a time of growth for believers no matter how long they’ve been a Christian, as well as evangelistic opportunities to invite neighbors.  Would they even come?  Trusting God to work this out if it is in His Plan.