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Blessed …SO I Serve.

TPDL Thoughts

Chapter 34 was a good one.  They all are really.  But I love that God meets me right where I am every day through this book and His Word.

Praying about the anagram for JOY today.  Jesus, Others, You.  So cheesy/corny but so true.  Lord, help me get this right so that I might be closer to you, know Your Joy in new ways and bless others.  Help me be aware of the needs of those around me and stop focusing on my own selfish needs.  You know that pride is an issue for me.  And people pleasing.  My “love language” seems to be words of affection but when they are given, I need to constantly examine if they are filling my pride bucket or my love bucket.  

It makes me very uncomfortable when people compliment me.  I hate it actually. Because I don’t know what to say or where to even look.  But at the same time, I crave it.  I want to please others and have them like me.  Lord, help me to practice true humility as I think of others more and my self less.  Examine my heart and cleanse my motives.  Help me to patiently love others in spite of my own selfish self.  Get me out of Your way and please use me in new ways today.

Shocked to see this sentence, “How you manage your money affects how much God can bless your life.” (Read yesterdays entry as to why this timing is so perfect.) Help me manage money well so you can bless us and we can use that blessing to glorify You and serve others well.  Let my spending not be on selfish wants.  Giving does bring great joy but rarely is there any to give since we are usually struggling to just get through to the next paycheck.

We have family members who have criticized and questioned our service to Jesus.  But this has never bothered me.  It does bother Becky.  Lord, help her to not be so affected by the family members who look at her life of service as failure.  Help her to finish her degree and serve you well… Even if it is at Target.  You love those people.  Help her to bring Light to them.

Jesus as our example was a Servant.  I loved that the author included this verse, “Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power and that He had come from God…SO (he got up and washed feet of the disciples).  It was because He knew who He was that He served.  If anyone had the “right” to be served it’s Him.  Yet he served others.  What an example!!!!!

Also loved this part “…He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him BY CARING FOR OTHER CHRISTIANS”.  Once again, “My Brother’s Keeper” is affirmed in my life,

I am rushed out the door by a Monday morning.  I want to read more…but the day begins.  Lord, help me live for you today and do Your will.  I love you.  You have blessed me in so many ways but even if I lived in a box on the street, alone, You would still be worthy of my absolute love and service.  You are enough.  I praise You today.  Yes, I am blessed So I serve but I wouldn’t need another blessing on this side of heaven to absolutely OWE YOU my life, love and service.  Thank you…



Discouraging Days and Distressing Dilemmas

FullSizeRenderSo..The surgery for Chris is postponed due to paperwork glitch.  He is nervous about the surgery and wants it over with and this delay DIDN’T HELP.   He received that news after a big layoff at work.  His job is safe, Thank you Lord! but it is just unsettling at SBD right now and THAT DIDN’T HELP

Christopher did not get into WGU after all.  No clue what to do next but my worst nightmare is that I’ve screwed him up for his career path and THAT DIDN’T HELP.

Rebekah had a job performance review that she wasn’t happy with at Target.  She’s trying to be content while she waits for another job.  This review DIDN’T HELP.

As I was typing all of this out I was reminded that I should not be looking to circumstances for this help.  Every morning one of my favorite things to do is open the blinds in my room and look at the cross on top of the church.  Just yesterday…before all the bad news…I was thinking that I love that I can see that cross and it reminds me that when I “look unto the hills” I see my HELP!  Did I remember that throughout the day as the bad news poured in?…No.  But this morning–I sat down to type out the stresses of the day and was going to ask God to show me something encouraging in His Word (which I haven’t even opened yet)  as I typed the words, “DIDN’T HELP” over and over He reminded me of my thoughts yesterday.   I had to look up the verse in its entirety.

My Help Comes from the Lord

A Song of Ascents.

121 I lift up my eyes to the hills.
    From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
    who made heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot be moved;
    he who keeps you will not slumber.
Behold, he who keeps Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;
    the Lord is your shade on your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day,
    nor the moon by night.

The Lord will keep you from all evil;
    he will keep your life.
The Lord will keep
    your going out and your coming in
    from this time forth and forevermore.

Lord, you are my help.  Circumstances are not going to help me, whether good or bad.  I trust you in all of the discouraging days and distressing dilemmas of life.  You are the Author of not only my story but of Chris’s, Becky’s and Christopher’s.  Write it as You will and do what brings you glory.  I trust you to redeem the mistakes I’ve made in home schooling Chris to give him a fruitful life in his chosen school/career.  I trust you to help Becky learn as she waits.  And I trust you to have her in the perfect job that you have created just for her to do.  I trust you to give her the patience.  I trust you with Chris.  We’ve been through layoffs before and maybe will again but you have always provided wonderfully for us.  Even miraculous at times.  I trust you with the timing of his surgery.

Lord, Please encourage my people today in a specific way.  I love them so…but You love them more.

Beginner’s Basic Blog

April 10, 2017

After reading the book, “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl”, I was challenged to begin blogging my daily thoughts/devotions/prayers.

Yesterday was my 51st birthday.  This is significant because when my Dad died he was 50.  I can’t believe I am now officially older than he was when he passed.  I miss him all the time and wonder how he would do as a “Poppy”.  He never knew his 3 grandchildren and that’s always been hard for me to swallow.  But God is good and I don’t question His timing..  but sometimes it’s just hard.

Chris and I have 3 kids who are the joy of our life.   Rebekah (Becky) works at Target and we are so proud of her heart for serving the Lord.  I know He has great things planned for her and sometimes I struggle with the patience I need while waiting on His timing.  My mother’s heart for her is to see her married with kids and serving the Lord in a local church.  Her “career” to her will always be secondary to her service to the Lord.  She is impacting and influencing teen girls every week and it’s a joy to my heart to watch.  I think I’ve picked out a perfect man for her but we shall see about that as their friendship grows. 😉

Jennifer(Jenny) is finishing up her second year at Nyack and will graduate (Lord willing) next year with a degree in Criminal Justice.  She has a passion for prosecuting human traffickers and wants to pursue law school after this.  She amazes me daily with how well she is doing in school and her passion and work ethic bless me to the core.  My mother’s heart for her is that she will follow her passion and God will provide all that she needs to accomplish the career goals she has.  I pray that she does find a good man and I know she wants children too.  Sometimes I wonder how she will fit all of that in but if anyone can manage that, it’s Jenny.

Our “baby” is Christopher (Chris).  He is finishing up his senior year of high school and will be starting online college at WGU in the fall.  He is a great kid/man.  I’m very proud of his independence and his honesty.  He’s incredibly smart but he hates school and always has.  My mother’s heart for him is that we will realize his calling and full potential.  I pray that he will find a good woman and raise a family with her.  He will make a great husband/father and I am excited for him as he begins his journey as an adult.

I can’t believe we are almost done with our homeschooling years.  To be honest…I’m thrilled we are done.  It’s been the best thing for our family but also so hard.  It puts a lot of stress on me to make sure we get it done correctly.  There is SO much I would do differently about the “how” we did school but I wouldn’t change the fact that we did for anything.  I do not think it’s the best option for school but for us, it worked and it was good.

We recently moved to Trumbull where I was blessed with the job as Facilities Director for Calvary Church.  We live on property and love it.  I honestly can’t believe how blessed I am to work where I do with the people there.

And my honey—-the honest love of my life.  He is my best friend, caretaker and partner.  He makes me laugh every day.  He is having surgery on Wednesday to remove a tumor in his foot.  It seems like it will be “no big deal” but he will have a long road to recovery.

I will use this blog to post my devotions and also to journal our life.  I’m not usually consistent with things like this but I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.