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Seeking, Seeing and Fig Trees

Lord, as I read this morning in “Becoming More..”, I was struck by the ability we have to see you in the mundane routine of life.  If we seek you.

Seek means to go in search of, to try to find or discover, to attempt, to ask for.  It is to actively look for Him and anticipate His Activity in everything.

I am also reading the book of John and I am “coincidentally” on chapter 1 v 43-51.  I love how I “just happened” to be reading the part where Jesus called Nathanael.  Nathanael asked Jesus, “How do you know me?” Jesus answered that He knew him even before he was called when he “sat under the fig tree”.  I am so grateful that God saw me in my fig tree sitting years.  Many years of wasted selfish living.  But He saw me!  And intervened to show me Himself and rescued me from my self-centered world.  He saw me and loved me!

Lord, help me seek you.  Seeking is more than seeing.  Seeking implies that we make the effort to anticipate your activity in our routine days.  Seeking is an action.  Seeing is the result of that action.  Lord help me to do my part to seek you today so that I might see you in  my life.  Even in the days where I will spend much of it cleaning the church to prepare for Easter services.  You care about how clean your church is.  I’ve often thought that it is an honor to be able to be a good hostess for your people as they come in the building.  To make sure it’s cleaned well, stocked with necessary supplies and even little touches making it feel like people are welcome and we are glad they are there.  You have a work to do in that building…Especially over the next few days with MANY people coming through the doors.  From all different places in spiritual journeys.  Help me to seek you often today.  And thank you that you first saw me “under the fig tree”.