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The Self-Sufficiency of Christ vs. The Constant Needs of Me.

Lord, today I lift up to you baby Noah.  This little guy has been through so much in his short life and his parents are stressed and anxious as they wait for results.  I pray that today you will allow him to have an incident that would communicate to the doctors exactly what is going on in his little body.  If the non breathing is the result of seizures, then give wisdom to find the cause and a plan for a quick resolution.  Please give his parents the strength and peace they need as they are in this time of waiting.  May they draw strength from you and know YOUR Peace which passes all understanding.

I also lift up to you Starr.  Today is her birthday and I know it will be a hard one so close to the loss of her beloved, Paul.  Help her family to love her well today.

Thinking about the self sufficiency of Christ today as I read the next chapter in my book.  Meditating on God having NO needs and that He created me a very needy person makes me thankful.  Thankful because if I had no needs,  I wouldn’t need Him!  I don’t have the appropriate words to describe what I’m feeling about this today but I was greatly blessed just thinking about Him today.  How perfect He is.  How he needs nothing.  Sometimes we think that He created us so that He would have someone to love, someone to worship Him, etc.  But He already had that in the Trinity.  He didn’t NEED to create us for any of it.  Yet He chose to.  Wow…I’m grateful.  And going beyond that, He could have created us to be self sufficient but then we would miss out on knowing Him and needing Him and watching Him provide.  I’m glad I’m needy.  🙂

Only God is self-sufficient.  We need to remember this because it keeps us rightly humbled and constantly going to Him.  Prayerlessness reflects that we think we can do it on our own…  He loves us and wants to give to us.  One sentence in the book hit me a little differently-  “Fasting is an express lane to relearning our limits”.  It reminds us that we are needy and our utter lack of self-sufficiency.  I’ve never been a regular “faster” but I’m going to be thinking on that one for a bit and see where it goes.

I don’t think I’m tempted to believe that God needs me.  But maybe so?  Lord, reveal this to me if it is true.  I know how faithless I am.  I know apart from You, I can do nothing good.  But reign me in if I get out of control here.  Humble me.  I am also very aware that I need You but I know for sure that there are times when I act like I don’t.  Remind me that I do.

I think the human need I resent the most is the need for self-control.  I have none.  But need it in every area.  That boundary is good for me because again, it reminds me that I need to come to Him for control over areas in my life where I have none.  Finances, eating, time limits, etc.  So many.  God is glorified in these times when I do depend on Him and through the Spirit I get victory.  Moment by moment.

Lord, show me more of my needs and show me how having those needs can teach me to rely on You more.  Thank you that YOU NEED NOTHING, yet You supply every need I have.  Thank you for Christ- For meeting the greatest need I have in His sacrifice on the cross for me.  Teach me to recognize the blessing of human need as a reminder of Your ongoing faithfulness to sustain me.  I love you,